The Latest Trends in Fashion and Jewelry

The fashion industry is filled up with glitter and glamor. And one has to be fully updated to sync with this glamorous industry. You should be aware of all the trends in the glamor world to make your presence noticeable. Every person has a different taste and ideology. The reason one should be aware is, you get to know what is in the season so that you can try it on and look good.How do we know the trend? One way to keep updated on trends is the large number of fashion shows that keep happening every season. Another way is to go by what celebrities wear as they are the first ones to try out all the designer clothing from various designers. Also there are dozens of fashion related magazines which you can pick up from a local store itself.So what’s new?Old is gold is what many people believe and this has been shown in this glamorous industry also. Retro fashion has made a comeback and not all but some old styles are taking the ramp nowadays. Stocking headbands, crocodile bags, Espadrilles, etc are some of them which have made a comeback.Printed clothing has also made a mark nowadays. Various flowery designs are hitting the market. These printed designs are also being seen on footwear nowadays and which match with the clothing also. Printed leggings are also one popular clothing item and a legging doesn’t suit everyone as they show every bulge in the body.Ethnic designer clothing is catching many eyes. Designers pick this collection as it is very diverse and every culture has its own style. Ethnic clothing reflects ones culture and fashion is all about reflecting who you are to the world.Looking good is not only pertaining to clothes. Even the accessories make a style statement. Accessories can range from handbags to ear rings etc. and the latest in here are Cloth Purses, Monogrammed handbags, Clutch handbags which are fast catching up.Even the fabric is to be considered essential. It ranges from silk to metallic and sequin. Textured fabrics which have wrinkles on them and silky drapes are the pick of the season.Now coming to the jewelry part of it, jewels have been since the age old times to decorate and look good. Diamonds are considered to girls best friends and are always the best choice for jewelry. Apart from gold and silver people are now going for platinum and iridium as the choice for the jewelry. There are various designer jewelry stores available and also one can go for artificial ones also which look similar if they cannot afford wearing the real ones.Lastly the only thing to be kept in mind is that vogue is all about appearance, coolness and the knack to carry one self. Therefore wear the right clothing suiting your personality and make a style statement of your own and also remember to go with the latest drift.

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